Medicina Alternativă: fiziologie clinică şi metode de tratament 2010; Vol. 15: 53-57


Antagonistic cerebellar-cerebral system: cycle of wakefulness – sleep and emotional function

V. Lacusta, A. Litovcenco, A. Gilea, V. Ceres

We systematized the literature data, reflecting the morpho-functional aspects of neuronal cerebellar-cerebral systems that govern the cycle of wakefulness - sleep and emotional function. It is shown that the various structures of the cerebellum are involved in the regulation of emotional reactions and the cycle of wakefulness - sleep in conjunction with certain structures of the brain (brain stem, reticular formation, limbic system, thalamus, hypothalamus, basal nuclei, cerebral cortex), while there are direct monosynaptic connections and complex, indirect connections. We analyzed the literature data on changes of electroencephalogram (EEG) in separate, consecutive or co-stimulation of different structures of the cerebellum and other brain structures that reveal previously unknown cerebellar-cerebral relationship. A number of emotiogenic/antiemotiogenic systems identified in experimental and clinical studies have been described, and this enables a new approach to the treatment of many diseases with cognitive and affective disorders.

cerebellum, emotiogenic antiemotiogenic system, the cycle of wakefulness - sleep