Альтернативная медицина

Medicina Alternativă: fiziologie clinică şi metode de tratament 2009; Vol. 14: 49-50


Auricular acupuncture in treatment of tobacco smoking

R. Chimpitchi

In this paper, based on clinical-psychological assessment (anxiety, depression, dysphoria, pathological attrition to smoking, autonomic disorders) several variants of abstinence syndrome have been identified, which allowed to differentially assess the condition of patients in the dynamics and perform adequate treatment. It was found that prolonged auricular acupuncture had the most pronounced positive effect (stable remission for two years) in people with a predominance of ideation component and moderate mood disorders in the structure of abstinence syndrome (62.9% of patients). In patients with a predominance of depressive, anxiety and dysphoric disorders, the effectiveness of acupuncture was reduced.

auricular acupuncture, smoking, abstinence syndrome