Medicina Alternativă: fiziologie clinică şi metode de tratament 2010; Vol. 15: 33-37


Pecularities of attention and memory in children with tumors of the cerebellum

A. Litovcenco

We have studied 36 children aged 6-14 years with tumors of the cerebellum (the lesion of the right hemisphere - 10 children, of the left hemisphere - 15 and of the vermis of the cerebellum - 11 children). Schulte, Luria, and Benton tests were used (respectively, for the study of attention, audioverbal and visual memory). The control group consisted of 15 children of the same age. Sick children showed a disturbance of short-term memory: visual-spatial – 44,4% of cases, audioverbal (active reproduction) – 63,9%, audioverbal (passive reproduction) – 11,1% of cases. The disturbance of visual-spatial attention has been detected in lesions of different structures of the cerebellum with the most pronounced disturbances in cases of tumor localization in the cerebellar hemispheres. The prevalence of disorders of audioverbal memory was found in lesions of the right hemisphere of the cerebellum, and visual-spatial memory - in lesions of the left hemisphere of the cerebellum. In children with cerebellar tumors, the phenolmenon of dissociation functions of audioverbal and visual-spatial memory was diagnosed with the disturbance of processes of active reproduction and relative preservation of processes of passive recognition.

cerebellum, a tumor, memory, attention