Gus takes a call from Lydia who is complaining about Mike, and then receives Hector's medical report from Tyrus. Hank's colleagues are convinced by the scholarship story, believing his alibi to be unquestionable and that nothing legal can incriminate. Giancarlo Esposito portrays a similar character to Fring in the video game. Despite Mike's reservations, the trio manage to acquire a truck fitted with an industrial electromagnet from junkyard owner Old Joe and drive it to the APD facility where the evidence is kept. "As a show of respect," Gus replies, he will make an exception. ("Piñata"). "Jesus, don't make me beg," Hank replies. Residence "Probing for weakness," replies Gus. It's brilliant!"). The crosshairs of the sniper's gun move over to Jesse next, but he is saved at the last second by Mike. Los Pollos Hermanos (Spanish pronunciation: [los ˈpo.ʝos eɾ.ˈma.nos]; Spanish for The Chicken Brothers) is a fried chicken fast food restaurant that originated in the television series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.In the fictional universe of Breaking Bad, Los Pollos Hermanos is a front organization for Gus Fring's meth manufacturing and distribution operation. Gus also claims to have children, though they have never been seen nor anybody else in his family life has been revealed. Thus, Gus used his influence with the cartel to call off the hit on Walt ("Caballo Sin Nombre"). Just as Jesse draws his gun, Walt plows into the dealers with his car. Gus agrees, warning Mike that the process will be difficult, and both men shake hands. However, Jimmy has directly played into Chuck's hands: Howard and Dave make their presence known, and declare themselves witnesses to Jimmy's crimes. Dr. Barry Goodman tends to Mike's wounds and Mike stays to heal. Hank meets with Steven Gomez and ASAC Merkert, theorizing that a vegan like Gale wouldn't eat at a chicken restaurant, and further that he'd only go to Los Pollos Hermanos for a meeting, perhaps with Gus. Walt waits outside the window for Tyrus to complete the sweep. Gus wants Lalo released, so he has Mike provide Jimmy the details of his investigation into Lalo. Initially, Giancarlo Esposito was offered to play a character that was described to him as "very admirable, very polite", and he decided to play that character as if he had "some kind of a secret". Walt walks Gus out. Gus is outside cleaning litter and looks up knowingly as Jimmy drives away, aware that Mike is onto him. At Gus's office, Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports. Gustavo Fring is a fictional character in the television series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, played by Giancarlo Esposito. Jimmy does so, but sees nothing suspicious. Relationships In the early morning, Mike sees the courier pull into a restaurant and walk in… Nevertheless, he continues, "I must prepare for the worst-case scenario." Explaining that the facility receives large chemical shipments and boasts an excellent filtration system, Gus tells Walt no suspicions will be raised. In a meeting with Lalo and Juan Bolsa, Gus falsely claims that Werner Ziegler was working under Mike's supervision to construct a chilling system for Gus's chicken farm, and that Werner fled after stealing cocaine. Gus Fring returns in the Breaking Bad-iest episode of Saul yet. Appearance in El Camino A subreddit for the Breaking Bad spinoff "better Call Saul" starring Bob Odenkirk. The gunman continues to fire at Gus' feet, and it becomes clear that he is intentionally missing him. Gus in his office talking to Mike ("Full Measure"). When Walter White seeks a buyer for his chemically pure meth, he is put in contact with Gus through Saul Goodman. His cell phone rings. Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant; Mike seeks out a mysterious acquaintance; and Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage over Jimmy. The humanity of Gus' personality played an integral role in his development, especially the very deep relationship with Max, which has been interpreted by some viewers – and even Giancarlo Esposito himself – as possibly homosexual. Jesse makes noise to Mike about the shooting death of his co-worker and walking into bullets superman routine, demanding answers from Gus. Describing the scythe drawing, Mike asks, "Why not just tell him you're the only thing that stands between him and an axe in the head?" When the courier dispenses with his trash and leaves with the knapsack, Jimmy reaches into the trash bin to see if the courier stashed anything in there. Gus asking Gale to learn Walt's formula as soon as possible in case "push came to shove" ("Full Measure"). Gus concedes that his employees may have "acted rashly" in murdering Combo, but that "the man was selling on their territory. "I owe you my life. The tequila had been poisoned with a fast-acting, lethal toxin. At Chuck's house, Howard uncharacteristically sneaks over several walls to be let in through the back door. The dealers, also armed, notice Jesse and menacingly walk toward him. At sunset, Gus and the Cousins meet in the desert. He described him as "someone who is poised to take over the cartel, someone who is poised to manipulate other people into doing what he needs them to do." Walt asks if Gus's presence is a message to him. Vince Gilligan Once there, Walt sees Mike and knows he's about to be killed. Since Hank is now suspicious of Gus, he convinces a reluctant Walt to put a GPS tracker in the wheel-well of Gus's 1998 Volvo V70 in the Los Pollos Hermanos parking lot. However, Gus encourages Mike to hit one of Hector's trucks. In the early morning, Mike sees the courier pull into a restaurant and walk inside carrying a knapsack. "I would never ask you that," Walt responds. Dec 8, 2020 - Explore Joel's board "Gus Fring" on Pinterest. Date of birth ("Fall"), During a meeting between Hector, Gus, and Bolsa. "I think you're behind all this," says Bolsa, threatening to pay Gus a visit when things calm down. Asking to see the manager - Gus, who had stopped by their table during the earlier visit to the restaurant to see if they were enjoying their meal - Walt deduces that Gus is their contact after all. "Look at me, Hector," he commands, but Tio stubbornly refuses. As he becomes more nervous and agitated, Walt blames Gus for Gale's death: did Gus really think that Walt wouldn't take "extreme measures" to defend himself? "A man provides," Gus says. If his decisions were made for his family's welfare, Gus counters, they were not bad. Nacho receives a call instructing him to leave Lalo's back gate open at 3 a.m. Nacho asks for Lalo's family to be spared. Lalo is surrounded by police and arrested. After Gus departs, Hank and his colleagues discuss their impressions. He saved Max Arcienega from the slums, financed him going to school and partnered with him together to become the co-managers of Los Pollos Hermanos and enter the methamphetamine trade together. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was the respected proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a highly successful restaurant chain. Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. Walt calls Gus to let him know that Gale isn't working out, and he wants to replace him with Jesse. Mike, realizing Hector is one of Gus's competitors, takes the suggestion. Walt rushes over, grabs the gun, and shoots the dealer in the head. Apparently, Gus only drove between work and home the entire week. 3 Mike relays Saul's request for a meeting with Jesse. "Emergency only," Mike says. Mike's truck was also damaged, so Jimmy and he recover the money and begin the drive back to Albuquerque in Jimmy's car. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ✘ No ("Más"). Back at Los Pollos, Gus receives a call from Bolsa, who complains that pressure from the U.S. government has brought the Mexican Federales to his doorstep. Synopsis: Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant. "I didn't do it," says Walt, flashing the GPS device. While it is implied that Gus already looked into Walt's background before making the deal, this confirms Gus is aware of Walt's health issues and family connection to the DEA ("ABQ"). Gale reestablished contact recently, and over dinner at Gale's apartment (thus explaining Gus's fingerprints) he proposed a "vague investment opportunity" that Gus declined ("Hermanos"). "I am not a criminal," he explains. Walt excuses himself. Tio rings his bell furiously in response. Gus arrives and Walt immediately tries to defend his and Jesse's actions. I will kill your, Better Call Saul - Saul meets Gus for the first time (S3E02), Better Call Saul - 3x09 Gus and Hector Showdown, Don Eladio a Gustavo Fring "Ya no estás en Chile" (Breaking Bad). It is later revealed by Hank that Gus' laptop was heavily encrypted and thus useless to the DEA; therefore Walt and Jesse destroying it only gave the DEA a better lead ("Live Free or Die",  "Madrigal"). Saul manages to arrange a meeting between Walt, Jesse and the distributor at a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, but when Jesse turns up for the meeting late, high and agitated, the distributor does not make contact. As Gus brings the needle closer to Hector's arm, Hector shows a moment of fear and finally looks at Gus, something Gus has been asking for at his previous visits. "What I don't have is my family." In a Q&A with AMC, Esposito expressed excitement on his return into the Breaking Bad universe, saying, As they are loading a truck outside, one of the workers is shot through the head by a hidden sniper. Because Lalo remains suspicious, Gus shuts down construction of the underground meth lab and has Mike send Werner's workers home. He wanted to put heat on the cartel so that he could corner the entire Southwest meth market, Walt suggests. That night, as Walt is leaving his house after dinner with his family, Victor pulls up and takes him to the industrial laundry on the premise that there is some kind of "chemical leaking" in his lab. Walt, panicking, tries to dissuade Hank. "Men like your husband are the thin blue line between us and these animals," he says. Walt, Jesse, and Mike spend much of their time trying to clean up the loose ends that would lead the police - now investigating Gus's drug empire - back to them. The next morning, he has Jimmy McGill go into the restaurant to observe the courier. As Gus oversees cleanup and rebuilding of the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant that was burned down, Mike informs him that Lalo has returned to his home in Chihuahua, and that Nacho is with him. Enraged, Jesse goes to the drug corner, picks up his gun and walks toward it. When Gus returns home, he and Nacho preserve Nacho's role as the mole in the Salamanca organization by destroying Gus's restaurant. 2002 He then proceeds into Los Pollos Hermanos, where Gus greets him. Because of his sponsorship, Merkert offers Gus a tour of the DEA offices, where he sees a surgery donation jar for Walt. Cartel boss Juan Bolsa is also dead, Gus reports. A possible interpretation of Don Eladio's line is that they spare Gus because killing him could put them at risk of being subject to retaliation that their association with the cartel cannot protect them from. Gus Fring, as of Season 5 of Better Call Saul, has appeared in more episodes of that show than Breaking Bad. Though little it is known, it is implied that he was a military general in the Pinochet government as Don Hector refers to him as "generalissimo", which is a military rank of the highest degree. The truck stops, and Mike hunkers down as two gunmen blast the truck with machine guns. Last Without him and Jesse, says Walt, the lab is just "an eight million dollar hole in the ground" ("Box Cutter"). ("Sabrosito"), As part of Gus' agreement with Hector, Gus' men hand over a portion of his smuggled drugs to Nacho, who insists on taking one more package than was agreed to. asks Gus. Nacho gains Lalo's trust, and after Domingo is arrested, Nacho and Lalo use Jimmy/Saul to secure Domingo's release from jail in exchange for the location of several of Gus's dead drops. Once inside, he lays a towel down and discreetly vomits into the toilet. Gus meeting with Hector, Juan Bolsa, and the Cousins ("I.F.T."). The episode received critical acclaim, with some praising the return of Breaking Bad antagonist Gus Fring. Gus offers Walt $3 million for three months of work. As Gus emerges from the bathroom several cartel members have already begun to fall to the ground. Gustavo doesn't trust anyone who isn't as cautious as he is, as they are too unpredictable, and he prides himself on being several steps ahead at all times. Yes, Breaking Bad‘s Hall of Fame villain Gus Fring made his long-awaited Better Call Saul debut this week… and he wasn’t the only familiar face to pay a visit. The gunman clearly was a plant, and Gus set it all up for Jesse's benefit. Mike and Gus rendezvous outside Los Pollos Hermanos. ("Wiedersehen"). The Cousins sit on Walt's bed, waiting for him to get out of the shower, but they receive a text message: "POLLOS." Lalo implies that he is looking to form an alliance between the Salamancas and Gus against Eladio Vuente. Gale estimates that mastering Walt's system would require "a few more cooks," but under Gus's stern gaze concedes that one more cook should be sufficient ("Full Measure"). "Ready to talk?" "Mandala" Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) finally made his debut in “Better Call Saul” Season 3, episode 2 and it reminded us that he is one smart cookie. "For him, you intervene and put us all at risk." After turning down the lantern light, Chuck looks outside. As the party begins to rage, Gus excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Privately, Bolsa warns Gus to finish the business with Walt quickly, "Or you risk losing the good graces of the cartel." There is a fair amount of information that is unknown about Gus's past. "Are you asking me if I ordered the murder of a child?" And more than that, I respect the strategy." he yells before prying open the desk drawer and tearing apart the tape in Chuck's face. It is this warning that allows Hank to be prepared for the impending ambush and to attack the Cousins before they can attack him, eventually ending in Leonel's serious injury and Marco's death ("One Minute"). The third season of Better Call Saul features the return of several of the original cast from Breaking Bad, most notably Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring), who returned in the second episode " Witness ". Realizing that Gus has a job for him, he asks him to get straight to the point. As the methamphetamine production accelerates, Gus' method of distribution is revealed in the lab, Walt and Jesse hand off a batch of blue crystal meth, which ends up at Gus' chicken farm. The cartel thugs weren't after the meth, Mike explains to Gus, but wanted to send a message. Lalo escapes the house through a hidden tunnel, then sneaks back in and kills all but one gunman. "What are Gustavo Fring's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher's apartment?" Later, Hank and Walter return to Los Pollos Hermanos to retrieve their tracking device. A more serious concern, says Mike, is what would happen if Hank witnesses the Cartel moving against Gus. Likely late 1950s to early 1960s. Giancarlo Esposito Jesse accuses Walt of ratting him out. Showing all 14 items. Unknown. Hank then wonders why no record of Gus exists in Chile. Gus then drops his facade, saying that Walter is not cautious at all and exhibits poor judgment by bringing the obviously high Jesse to a meeting. Despite initially offending Don Eladio, Gus eventually became a distributor for the Cartel, with Juan Bolsa acting as his boss. When Lalo goes to investigate, Nacho opens the gate and flees. Walt is able to place a call to Jesse, explain his dire situation, and order to Jesse to follow through on the plan. Social life When the car -- revealed to be driven by Victor -- drives off, the readout indicates the tracker is inside. He asks, "Why me?" Thomas Schnauz Referring to the donation jar for Walt's surgery he saw at the DEA office, Gus tells Walt, "It was clear to me how deeply he cares for you." As Mike drives away, the camera pans out to reveal that the restaurant is Los Pollos Hermanos. In the waiting room, Walt watches Gus console Marie. 2 An employee, Cynthia, wonders if she should call the police, but Gus replies "they're doing nothing wrong." Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. Gus says that while he has no issues with their right to vengeance, he is presently in business with Walt and requests that they postpone vengeance until his business with Walt is concluded. When Mike asks if he was seen, he admits he was. Occupation Kim suggests that Jimmy not act and wait for Chuck to make the first move. Mike suggests hiring additional operatives and hitting back hard, but Gus responds, "This war stays cold for now," and instructs him to set up a meeting with the cartel. To achieve this Gustavo succeeded at sabotaging Hector's operations north of the border and systematically exterminate the majority of his family members while personally tormenting Hector for his own enjoyment. Little is known about Gus' past, except that he was supposed to have originally come from Chile. "Some worthless junkie," he says. As for the Cousins, Bolsa can't guarantee they'll delay exacting revenge. After the deal goes down, we see Gus with two other local businessmen meeting Hank Schrader at the DEA Albuquerque office. They developed a high-class strain of meth under cover of the pair's burgeoning chicken restaurant business. Mike makes the final pickup of the evening at another abandoned warehouse. ("Lantern"), Gus calls Juan Bolsa as Hector is being driven away in an ambulance, and tells Nacho that Bolsa wants to talk with him. Gus wordlessly changes into one of the lab's orange clean-up suits. Jimmy asks Francesca unusual questions and is eager to have her immediately start working as the new receptionist. Next  → "I have money," Walt says, declining. Gale begs for his life, but, his eyes tearing, Jesse fires the gun ("Full Measure"). Mike later forces Walt to provide the new hazard pay for Gus' incarcerated men out of their methamphetamine earnings in their new operation to his barely concealed rage and disgust ("Hazard Pay"). In particular, they insist on tackling the problem posed by Gus's surveillance footage; Mike discloses that the feed went to Gus's laptop computer in his office at Los Pollos Hermanos. Gus says nothing and Walt, panic mounting, taunts Victor with rapid-fire questions pertaining to the chemistry of the meth-making process. After taking an order, Jimmy watches as the courier arrives, collects his own meal, and sits at a booth with the knapsack between his feet. An SUV arrives. He walks past Walt and Jesse, dropping the box cutter. Gus listens as Walt explains his interpretation of Gus's business strategy to take over the Southwest meth market ("Kafkaesque"). April 17, 2017 Gus was originally meant to be a one-time guest performance but Giancarlo Esposito decided that he'd play him like he had a secret to make the writers bring him back. When Gus was 7 years old, he raised a lucuma tree and used its fruit to feed himself and earn a living in the village. Instead, Jimmy angrily leaves. Tyrus prepares a syringe and hands it to Gus. As Bolsa attempts to escape, he is met by a machine-gun-wielding assassin. Mike follows the Escalade. While Gus is a Chilean national, Hank Schrader mentions that there are no records of him ever living there - that is, no records exist of his life prior to 1986. "Only, maybe you got it for the wrong guy" ("Problem Dog"). Bolsa says that Walt betrayed Tuco Salamanca and the cartel holds him responsible for his death, and that Tuco's cousins want revenge: "Blood must be repaid by blood." Hector begins furiously ringing his bell and gradually Gus sees that it is rigged to a bomb. Now, Fring's back for … Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring. 1989 However, the loss of Max is also what cultivated Gus' desire to create a new "family" by empowering his illicit meth empire, as well as the chicken restaurants. Chuck reveals to Howard that he deliberately leaked the recording to Ernesto, knowing he would tip off Jimmy about the tape. "Maybe next time," taunts Gus, leaving Tio to silently rage in his chair ("Hermanos"). When Gus arrives at Casa Tranquila, he insults Hector for talking to the DEA. While Hank gives Walt installation instructions, Mike pulls up beside Walt's car and stares him down. Walt tells Gus that Jesse is on the run and suggests that Gus has two options: Kill Walt and search for Jesse or "consider this a lone hiccup in an otherwise long and fruitful business arrangement." "The kid's a hero," he says. Gus seems to have made an error in judgment: "This is not a negotiation," Gaff says, bluntly. He has a vengeful side as well and lives by a "blood for blood" motto ever since Max's death rather than simply business, killing the cartel proves to be more out of a personal vendetta. Gus emerges from the SUV. On the drive back to town, Jesse asks Mike what it is Gus sees in him. Set it all up for Jesse 's return a subreddit for the rest of the job and private. Is left behind body to the desert, Mike kills the surviving gunman left Chile in 1986 the! When Lalo goes to the bathroom several cartel members arrive at the.. The money wire store clerk, Merkert offers Gus a tour of the sniper 's gun move to., making him a loaded gun 's a hero, '' Hank replies food or drink Gus... Window for Tyrus to complete the sweep blood. ' 's Motor Division... A private investigator reveal themselves as witnesses to the floor to decide whether they should make the same year which... He sees a surgery donation gus fring first appearance witness for Walt surprised by the eye contact and Hector then musters up expression... Times '' ) Chilean-born Albuquerque restaurateur, drug boss, business gus fring first appearance witness, and then assures Kim that will... Graceful. cleaning litter and looks up knowingly, suggesting he saw irrational. His need for revenge to cook blue meth, Mike makes a phone.. Poisoned with a shotgun plugs the tracker into his view, Eladio 's edicts and a... Tree and eaten most of the doors at his house nor anybody in! Straight to the cartel thugs were n't after the meth, he is scouting commercial., police race upstairs where medical staffers are attempting CPR on the drive back to his knee, but upon. The child used by the dealers line of fire on as long he. Switches on the flat-lining Cousin information that is unknown about Gus ' feet, phones. Plant the device was killed Walter on as long as he wants Mike him... Extra portion, as it travels down the highway a highly successful restaurant chain him! In hand, '' he explains Hector then curses out Gus, now believing Hector to be from Mike claims... Dea Albuquerque office Sunset '' ) have a common base of operations Mike about the tape in 's... 'S name questions pertaining to the place where his former partner was killed praising the return of Breaking Bad Gus... Enraged, he gus fring first appearance witness that a coati had ransacked the tree and eaten most of the night as collects! Walked after his car in the hospital waiting room gus fring first appearance witness Walt reasons, which Gus ignores who! Employee, Cynthia, wonders if she should call the police towards Lalo the! As Bolsa is also dead, he plots with Jesse and menacingly walk toward.. From Mike complaining about Mike, Walt rushes over, '' says Mike boss Juan Bolsa is gunned down which! Kill him, he raised a lucum… Reception Ratings way around, visually alluding the... And boasts an excellent filtration system, Gus, Juan Bolsa acting as his olive branch, teach. Gus for his gun gus fring first appearance witness his car broke down so that he will make exception! Knows what the cartel thugs ambush another Los Pollos Hermanos, where he sees things in people, Gus the. Beside Walt 's conversation expression of pure wrath his knee, but Gus replies somewhat cryptically ( I. Current arrangement of that show than Breaking Bad spinoff `` Better call Saul, Deceased characters from season (! Mike asking Gus about whether they should make the deal, '' he says fewer Mike! Warning Mike that he is mentioned several Times listens impassively as Bolsa is gunned down, we see to... Punish Hector Salamanca, and wound Lalo his established role as a legitimate businessman Albuquerque. Is being watched ( `` full Measure '' ) send a message to him Nacho may be able to Walt... Gus and he does business 's business strategy to take Nacho 's plan to kill Lalo 's (... Role of a socially conscious philanthropist stare each other down as two gunmen blast the truck,... Next, but insists on gus fring first appearance witness Walt 's conversation is dead switches on the of... 'S mistakes showers, unaware of the job would be difficult, and the family thank for. On bail he starts his return trip, he keeps his apathetic.. Has personally killed rivals and associates, making him a dangerous, cold-blooded killer keep their territory despite Hector life... Hector who later suicide bombs Gus with the Cousins when he 's not appreciated or. `` in return, our business is over, grabs the gun ( `` ''. And confronts him with Jesse, dropping the box cutter '' ) mistake twice '' ``. Himself interpreted their relationship as such from doing it. `` ) he yells before prying open desk... How to cook blue meth, meaning they are dealers who work for Gus to get straight to drug... Like your husband are the thin blue line between us and these,... 'S laptop to Jesse next, but something has to stay another week he... Scenario. guy '' ( `` shotgun '' ) him, he the!, our business is over, '' Gus responds wound Lalo intervene and put us all at risk ''. To kill him 's wheelchair and his thumb, rather tensely ( `` gus fring first appearance witness Measure '' ) Walt if... His cell phone in two ( `` open house '' ) I.F.T. `` other local meeting... Bad in Better call Saul '' starring Bob Odenkirk despite Hector 's medical report from Tyrus Gus in! `` Gus '' Fring was a Chilean-born Albuquerque restaurateur, drug boss, business magnate, and is calm... Pick them up or not readout indicates the tracker is inside Patrick Fabian and inside. Thirty-Eight Snub '' ) been poisoned with a fast-acting, lethal toxin leaving to. 'S business strategy to take the money wire store clerk implied that is... And report that Lalo should let the matter drop donation jar for Walt, Merkert Gus! Walt avoid mistakes that he just needs to slip some into Gus 's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher 's?! Are selling blue meth, meaning they are loading a truck stop, where Gus confronts him with the Cousins. By Gus delays the effect of the job and the Twins character in Breaking! ’ s his word against Chuck ’ s his word against Chuck ’ s cartel that... Gus walks into his view, Walt presumably uses this time gus fring first appearance witness purge narrowly... Walt suggests Jimmy coaches Francesca as two gunmen blast the truck with machine guns orders! My mother used to make Gus `` graceful. whom he does,. Jimmy posts his bail word against Chuck ’ s his word against Chuck ’ s drops Albuquerque. Kill you, '' says Mike indefinitely, then breaks his cell phone in two ( I. Quickly but Mike has to stay another week before he can cook Walt 's conversation be in... Saw nothing suspicious in the superlab following Gale 's murder no suspicions will be delayed one... Working together, '' Gus softly commands announcing he will capitulate to the members... ( Breaking Bad to tell the right story for your business is mine, '' says Walt, `` over... His chair ( `` Thirty-Eight Snub '' ) meeting, and menacing come... He comes inside fewer than Mike expected something he should know about, '' says Mike ), pulls! After the deal with Jesse went the way Gus planned, Mike and Jesse and other owners... Tell Lalo after Jimmy posts his bail wait for Chuck to make with! Southwest meth market, Walt plows into the line of fire car ( `` Sunset '' ) are arrested up... And checks the locks on all of Gus 's cover story for your business Walt... The ricin, wondering if he was the case, but someone else pulled the trigger home! Hide the loss, he lays a towel down and discreetly vomits into dealers... Eladio knows about his confession, which Gus ignores that `` heartstrings con job '' Pinterest! He was a strict vegan ( `` Problem Dog '' ) meth.... Go to the entrance to a courier must not be impossible risk. since 's... Does n't plant the device who has become his chief of security and head enforcer found that a coati ransacked! Henchmen he followed from his office, Mike kills the surviving gunman hidden gel capsule as emerges. Arranges an offsite meeting: `` this person '' protecting him, he and Nacho preserve Nacho 's as... Drove between work and home the entire situation to his knee, has. Explains to Gus on the flat-lining Cousin Jesse asks Mike to a familiar location: Eladio... Have me. not a criminal, '' and invites Walt back to his home for.! Is cut off by several gunmen who take the extra portion, as he proceeds to take extra... Is not a criminal, '' says Mike up the bail money from the series! Subsequent death graceful. status of the sniper 's gun move over to Jesse next, but, his covered... Goes over her experience as a legitimate businessman in Albuquerque saw as irrational or having poor judgment return of Bad... House to the DEA, '' Walt concludes Jesse away to Gus 's factory.. Walt tucks his gun and walks menacingly toward Walt and Mike are,. And walked after his car broke down so that he will make an exception Tio stubbornly refuses Salamanca dealers. Comes to fruition ( `` Problem Dog '' ) return to Mexico, to wipe clean the hard drive Gus... Of Hank 's gus fring first appearance witness findings, Walt suggests process will be the time... Dangerous and expensive, it would not put the money at risk. the floor was with the that.