Deftones song meanings and interpretations with user discussion. [7][8], After a break from touring, the band spent four months in the studio writing and recording White Pony with producer Terry Date, the longest amount of time they had dedicated to an album thus far. This band is a side project, and displays The Rev's vocal talent. Music", "Deftones Pony Up for Metal, While Busta Rhymes Mellows Out", "The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time", "Deftones hit the clubs, break out old favorites",,, "Deftones Album & Song Chart History: Alternative Songs", "Deftones Album & Song Chart History: Mainstream Rock Songs", Australian Recording Industry Association, "Official Charts Analysis: The Lumineers' second album, Cleopatra debuts at No.1", "RIAA Database Search Results for Deftones", Recording Industry Association of America,, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Pages using multiple image with manual scaled images, Articles lacking reliable references from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Bassist Chi Cheng explained, "We didn't feel like we had anything to lose, so we made the record we wanted to make." White Pony is the third studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on June 20, 2000, through Maverick Records. So we were just watching it and the whole thing was rad, just seeing the (stuff) go down. All tracks are written by Deftones (Stephen Carpenter, Chi Cheng, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado, Chino Moreno). We just thought it was some funny stuff. The song's style has been described as nu metal as well as rap rock. [11], Stylistically, White Pony combines the band's standard alternative metal sound,[12] influenced by bands such as Tool, Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails, with the layered atmospherics of The Cure, specifically their Pornography era. Mini Maggit. [44], The album won the 2000 Kerrang! "Change (In the House of Flies)" was the album's lead single, and became a radio hit. Album Rating: 3.0 I enjoyed a fair amount of the remixes. Leading off the reissued version of the album, "Back to School (Mini Maggit)" is a reinterpretation of the album's closer with additional rap or hip hop influences. [13] It has also been categorized as an art rock[14] and nu metal album,[15] though several critics also acknowledge that the record moved beyond the latter label. It’s not me. It was a ploy by the record company to get a nu metal hit out. First, I wanted to stick this idea up my ass, but then I thought: "I'm gonna show those fuckers how easy it is to create a hit-single". [10] "Rx Queen" also features vocal contributions from Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, though he is uncredited. The band reluctantly reworked that album's closer "Pink Maggit" and White Pony was then re-released with "Back to School" in a contentious move by the label. “Back to School (Mini Maggit)” is an abridged version of the song “Pink Maggit”, which was released as both a 3-song single and an 8-song EP. named White Pony their third best album of the year behind Queens of the Stone Age's Rated R and At the Drive-In's Relationship of Command. We just jumped over this balcony down onto the floor and ran up there. [18] Moreno considers it "the most futuristic song in the album". The intro just sets the mood. Upon its release and retrospectively, the album was met with critical acclaim, and is generally regarded by fans and critics alike as one of their most mature outings up to that point. [25][unreliable source?] [7] Black Stallion features the full track list of the original White Pony album in order with each song recreated by a different producer with an "electronic, beat-driven" approach. Squarepusher’s Pink Maggit is an adequate, if a little too long, glitchy reminiscence of the album closer, Phantogram’s vision of Street Carp takes the track into more peaceful territory, and the Purity Ring version of Knife Prty is one that is sure to appeal to most, if not all listeners. [18] Moreno discussed the lyrics to the song: "The name Feiticeira is some Portuguese name that I read in a magazine and just liked. [18] Chino said, "It's a seductive song with a lot of violent imagery. It's great and it's dark and heavy. “Pink Maggit” is known for being the album’s and the band’s longest song to date (excluding “MX” on Around the Fur, which is 37 minutes due to over 20 minutes of silence), clocking in at 7:32. The album received a 20th anniversary reissue, packaged with Black Stallion, a companion remix album of White Pony, in December 2020. The song deals with a youthful romance coming to an end. Dick especially noted the album's "shift into the heavy post-rock, shoegaze spectrum" and contended that, within the span of five years from the band's debut album to the release of White Pony, Deftones had distinguished itself as a band "whose sound no longer fit too comfortably under any genre-specific title". When i listen to it, I ask myself a series of questions: There’s a lot of stuff on this record that people are going to question me about, and I can just remove myself from it. Months later, after White Pony was released, they wanted us to do a new version of Pink Maggit. [41] In 2017, Rolling Stone ranked White Pony as 66th on their list of 'The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. Moreno did not have an overall lyrical theme in mind, but made a conscious decision to bring an element of fantasy into his lyrics, explaining, "I basically didn’t sing about myself on this record. It was produced by Terry Date, who produced the band's first two albums, Adrenaline (1995) and Around the Fur (1997). Confidence is one of the most important things in life. On its release date, limited-edition numbered copies were released with solid red and black jewel cases. One of the greats. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. People don't tend to like sex mixed with violence. Set you on fire. Pink delights us all – man, woman, child, and adult. I want that people who listen to it feel like they are the ones in the situation. [8] Black Stallion includes remixes from DJ Shadow, Clams Casino, Robert Smith, Mike Shinoda and more; and was promoted with a music video for Purity Ring's remix of "Knife Prty". Are we seeking out the flush of healthy cheeks on a chilly day? [19] The closer, "Pink Maggit" is a bleak and moody song with a whispered melody from Moreno, concluding with a final explosion. [7], White Pony was well received by critics, garnering an aggregate rating of 72 on Metacritic. Recording sessions took place between August and December 1999 at Larrabee Sound Studios in West Hollywood and The Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito, California. Several reviewers praised Moreno's increasing lyrical sophistication and the group's sonic experimentation. And all of a sudden they called our name. And I'm with you , Become the leader of your surroundings. [37] Similarly, BBC Music praised the album while opining: "[The fact] that such a progressive, risk-taking LP wasn't celebrated across the board for its gutsy reinventing of a band thought pigeonholed wasn't that surprising, though – this is a difficult album. I'm trying to spread a little confidence. Do we capture the curve of a rose in bloom? "The Boy's Republic" is a song exclusive to the limited-edition releases of the album, with lyrics about someone desperately seeking redemption, and comes after "Pink Maggit," making it the final track on the limited edition.[24]. General Comment"it started from this interlude that we wrote that goes into the heavier part at the end. Deftones's Deftones - Pink Maggit - Lyrics music video in high definition. Now there was a song left off this album. It is an altered version of the song "Pink Maggit" from the band's 2000 album White Pony. As for it's true meaning, there's plenty of room for interpretation. Some of em weren't too great but lord, the remix of Pink Maggit was amazing. It marked a significant growth in the band's sound and is considered a turning point in their history in terms of experimentation, employing an increasingly experimental rock sound and incorporating influences from post-hardcore, trip hop, shoegaze, progressive rock, and post-rock into the alternative metal sound they had become known for. To take your oxygen away. In the light of "White Pony" 20th anniversary reaching its conclusio... n with the release of "Black Stallion", I will exceptionally use the DeftonesLive FB page to promote a cover piece of mine: a piano/vocal combo of my favorite song, "White Pony" closing track: "Pink Maggit". Everybody else who was winning, they'd get up there quick and get back. "In our minds, it was like our Pink Floyd moment where we're just going to get astral and see how far out into space we can go," says Moreno. The gray version was later superseded by the current white version, which added "Back to School (Mini Maggit)" as the first track. [23] [18] Moreno said: "It's a classic Deftones song, with a rolling riff and some really interesting chords in the chorus. Pink Maggit is where everything comes together. The closer, "Pink Maggit" is a bleak and moody song with a whispered melody from Moreno, concluding with a final explosion. If you are confident, you can do whatever you want". the title comes from a Kool Keith song. [10], This article is about the studio album by Deftones. "Digital Bath" features a trip hop drum beat with Moreno's vocals over heavy two-guitar trade-offs and a more atmospheric texture from Delgado. In honor of the album's 20th anniversary, Deftones will re-release White Pony on December 11, 2020 packaged with Black Stallion, a bonus remix album. The clitoris, which is pink and maggot shaped. [1][16][17] The original opener for the album, "Feiticeira," lacks conventional song structure and builds over a background of guitars and bass. the song is meant to be triumphant. Because of that I sing it in first person. [18] Moreno compared it to earlier single "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)", considering it "a beautiful metamorphosis". Welcome! Where do we find the meaning of pink? Maggot definition is - a soft-bodied legless grub that is the larva of a dipterous insect (such as the housefly). Interested in the deeper meanings of Deftones songs? '[42], The album's third track, "Elite", won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2001. "[33], Alternative Press ranked White Pony as the second best album of 2000, and in their September 2010 issue, placed it in their list of the "Top 10 Most Influential Albums of 2000". "Back to School (Mini Maggit)" is a song by American alternative metal band Deftones. One exec focused on the 7:34-minute closing track, "Pink Maggit," a brooding, surreal epic that emerged from a chord progression by Carpenter. 'cause I'm on fire. "White pony" is street slang for cocaine. [18] "Passenger" features a guitar intro and vocal interplay between Keenan and Moreno alongside piano and keyboard lines, leading to heavy guitar that introduces the choruses. Both limited-edition versions included "The Boy's Republic" but not "Back to School (Mini Maggit).". We carry LPs, CDs, tapes, one-of-a-kind music-themed clothing, posters, guitar strings and … [19] On "Street Carp", after a brief guitar introduction, the band crashes in with full force. [1][2] White Pony was also the first album to feature Frank Delgado as a full-time member of the band on turntables and synthesizer; Delgado had previously worked with the band as a featured guest on their first two albums, producing sound effects on some songs. [3][4][5][6] White Pony is Deftones' highest-selling album to date, and it became their first platinum record certified by the RIAA on July 17, 2002. Personnel adapted from album liner notes. Sure it is a dumbed down version of the amazing Pink Maggit, but i … we just thought it was some funny shit. I mean it hsa weak rappin, but it has angsty driven lyrics which i can relate to and the hook is catchy and fun to listen to. Later, the band released "Back to School (Mini Maggit)", a rap-influenced interpretation of "Pink Maggit". We just thought it was some … Award for Album of the Year. 1 . "Riviere" and "Beware" are also pretty chilling; Rodleen Getsic's One-Woman Wail in "Knife Prty". Easily my favorite Deftones song, and Squarepusher did it complete justice. Once I did that I was able to sing about anything I wanted to, I could be a lot more general. [19] In a review of the album, iTunes notes that: "Jeff Buckley would have been thrilled at how 'Knife Party' expands the hard-rock notions of his Grace — the track’s bridge finds singer Chino Moreno pulling off a worthy tribute to Buckley’s falsetto. I made up a lot of story lines and some dialogue, even. I took myself completely out of it and wrote about other things. I think its a reflection of times that have passed "back in school," thinking about past loves and relationships and how all those moments have created the person that you are today and asking what the meaning of it all is. Look where we're sitting.' 27 There’s a certain type of brown trouser that you just don’t see on sale anymore. [18] Moreno later declared that he regretted the creation of the song and its placement on the album. My personal interpretation of Pink Maggit is fairly existential. [26], Billboard gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, though it cautioned that "the band's continuous inclination toward a bludgeoning experimental sonic attack and Moreno's violent, impressionistic lyrics made the album a tough pill to swallow for most listeners". Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. //